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Medium & Large Serving Boards  
Serving Boards
Large & Medium Multi Color Boards (sold separately).

Wooden serving boards.  No home should be without one (or more).  We offer these extremely popular serving boards in several different sizes and patterns.   Check out our new "Crazy Quilt" board, like its cousin the Multi Color board, just a little crazy.  Or jazz up your table with the detailed inlay of our new Fancy Inlay board.

Medium Multi Color Board 11" x 16" $62.00 ea
Medium "Crazy Quilt" Board 11" x 16" $98.00 ea
Large Multi Color Board 11" x 22" $78.00 ea
Large Fancy Inlay Board 11" x 22" $95.00 ea
Crazy quilt board
Crazy Quilt

serving board 2
Multi Color

serving board 3
Multi Color
serving board 4
Multi Color

serving board 5
Multi Color

crazy quilt serving board
Crazy Quilt
medium crazy quilt board
Medium "Crazy Quilt" Board
large inlay serving board
Large Fancy Inlay Board


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