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Beeswax and Mineral Oil
Beeswax / Mineral Oil
  8 oz - $13.00
16 oz - $25.00
small ulu cutting board
Prettie-Uglee Board
 Small Ulu Cutting Board
Small Ulu Board
Large Round Ulu Bowl
Large Ulu Bowl
Unlike serving boards, cutting boards (or chopping boards) are a bit thicker and more durable for constant chopping and cutting.  Many chefs prefer wooden boards as they are easier on the knife's blade.

The natural edge boards are available in maple, walnut and cherry.  Some cutting boards have one or two live edges or are hand sculpted to give a more natural look.  Boards are also available with a hole drilled in the corner for hanging or displaying.

The larger cutting boards are generally crafted from maple strips that are glued up with bread board ends.  Some boards are available with a simple groove(s) on one side.  From time to time, we have cutting boards with cherry, walnut, maple or birch on the ends or mixed in with the maple board to give a contrasting color.  Please inquire to what is available.

The Ulu bowls and boards are reversible and are excellent for chopping everything.  The rounded blade fits the bowl so you can chop or roll the blade.  Chop and serve up a salad or do your fine dicing in the bowl or on the flat side.

For more information on how to clean and maintain these boards, click on the Intructions tab above.

Large Ulu Cutting Board
Large Ulu Board
Extra Large Ulu Cutting Board
Extra Large Board
Walrus Knife
Ulu Knives
$49.00 - $59.00
Maple Cutting Board
Maple Boards
$55.00 - $135.00
Misc. Cutting Boards
Misc. Boards
(please inquire)
Grooved Cutting Boards
Grooved Cutting Boards
small ulu cutting board
Small Ulu Bowl


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