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Beeswax and Mineral Oil
Beeswax / Mineral Oil
  8 oz - $13.00
16 oz - $25.00
Large & Medium
Large or Medium Boards
$62.00 - $78.00
 Long & Narrow
Long, Narrow Boards
Critter Board
Laser-Etched "Critter" Boards
Our wood serving boards are available in many shapes, sizes and color combinations.  Almost all our boards are reversible.  You could cut on one side and serve on the other, if you choose.

Whether you purchase a board for your own home or as a gift for a friend or relative, we are sure the board will be treasured for a lifetime.

Invite family & friends for brunch or dinner and serve your favorite appetizer or bread on one or more of our collection of boards.  Use your imagination when displaying and serving for parties and get-togethers.

The oval and "Su" platters are perfect for serving individual items, or try the medium and large boards for serving larger arrangements.

For more information on how to clean and maintain these boards, click on the Intructions tab above.

Serving and Cutting Board
Prettie Uglee Board
wood serving board
Fancy Serving Boards
$78.00 - $98.00
guitar serving boards
Guitar Boards
$115.00 - $135.00
Oval Boards
Oval platter
Oval Platters
Su platter
"Su" Platter
Cheese Dome
Cheese Dome
Cheese board & spreader
Cheese Board & Spreader
Bread Plank
Bread Plank
Trivet Boards
$12.00 & up
New Sushi Board
Sushi Boards
Baguette Bread Boards
Baguette Bread Boards
Round trivet board
Round Trivet Boards
$18.00 - 28.00
Small solid wood serving plank
Small Plank
Peanut Boards
Flat Boards
Flat Boards
Bar boards
Bar Boards
Wide Server
Wide Serving Boards
Serving Bowls
Serving Bowls
$90.00 - $150.00


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