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Puzzle Boards  
Puzzle Board

Puzzle Boards - These 4 or 6-piece puzzle boards are sold with the serving storage tray.  The 4-piece puzzle is 11" x 16" with a 12" x 18" storage tray.  The 6-piece set measures 10-1/2" x 18" with a 12" x 20" tray.  Use the pieces for individual serving, coasters or a center piece on the table.  Makes an excellent wedding, birthday or holiday gift.  We are no longer keeping this item in stock, but we can certainly make them upon request.  Allow 2-3 weeks for this item.

4-Piece Puzzle & Tray $85.00 set
6-Piece Puzzle & Tray $95.00 set
puzzle board

puzzle board

puzzle board


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